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Journey Through Life With the Wisdom of the Forest

How Shinrin Yoku, People, Enso, and Kokoro Represent Our Core Values at 森の心・人の心 Journey Through Life With the Wisdom of the Forest

At the core of our practice at 森の心・人の心 Journey Through Life With the Wisdom of the Forest, the principles of Shinrin Yoku, People, Enso, and Kokoro not only bind us but also provide a deep wellspring of our shared values. These values resonate through everything we do, guiding our actions, interactions, and our understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

  1. Interconnectedness: Shinrin Yoku, or forest bathing, inspires this core value. As we immerse ourselves in the forest atmosphere, we are reminded of the deep connections we share with nature and each other. It teaches us that everything is connected in the grand tapestry of life, reflecting a powerful sense of oneness and unity.

  2. Mindfulness: Both Shinrin Yoku and Enso instill the importance of mindfulness, the practice of being fully present and engaged in the moment, free from distraction or judgment. They invite us to pay attention to our experiences, our surroundings, and our feelings, teaching us to live more deliberately and thoughtfully.

  3. Harmony: At the heart of Kokoro—the heart, mind, and spirit—is harmony. This guiding principle emphasizes balance within ourselves and harmony in our interactions with others. It is a call to foster unity and peace, reflecting the tranquil balance that exists within a forest.

  4. Respect: Stemming from Shinrin Yoku, Kokoro, and Enso is the value of respect—for oneself, others, and nature. This principle encourages us to treat all living things with dignity and care, acknowledging the inherent worth and interdependence of all beings.

  5. Personal Growth: Our practices and the teachings of Kokoro and Enso foster self-understanding and personal growth. They encourage introspection and continual learning, guiding us along a path of personal development and self-realization.

  6. Wellbeing: At the core of our values is the commitment to wellbeing. Inspired by the health benefits of Shinrin Yoku, we emphasize nurturing physical, mental, and emotional health, advocating a holistic approach to wellbeing that encompasses mind, body, and spirit.

  7. Creativity: The concept of Enso, symbolizing the moment when the mind is free to let the body create, inspires creativity. It reminds us that creativity flows when we are present, mindful, and unfettered by preconceptions.

  8. Authenticity: The values of Shinrin Yoku, Enso, and Kokoro all urge us to be authentic—to honor our unique experiences and perspectives and to act in ways consistent with our true selves. Authenticity invites genuine engagement and honesty in our interactions.

  9. Resilience: Through Shinrin Yoku and the principles of Kokoro and Enso, we cultivate resilience. These practices teach us to recover from adversity, adapt to change, and to continue in the face of hardship, reflecting the resilience of a forest that endures through the changing seasons.

  10. Appreciation: Shinrin Yoku encourages us to appreciate the beauty of nature, Kokoro calls us to appreciate our interconnectedness, and Enso teaches us to appreciate the present moment and the creative process. Together, they foster a sense of gratitude for the richness of our experiences and the world around us.

These values underpin our practice at 森の心・人の心 Journey Through Life With the Wisdom of the Forest, shaping our approach to Shinrin Yoku guide and instructor training and our vision of promoting healing, harmony, and growth. As we journey through life with the wisdom of the forest, we invite you to join us in embracing these values, celebrating the deep connections we share with nature and each other.


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The Mindful Tourist
Journey Through Life With the Wisdom of the Forest


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Journey Through Life With the Wisdom of the Forest

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