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Journey Through Life With the Wisdom of the Forest

As a Shinrin Yoku or Forest Bathing guide , how can I assist participants in transitioning back to their daily lives while maintaining the calm and focus they've gained from their Shinrin Yoku experience?

The practice of Shinrin Yoku, often referred to as “forest bathing,” has gained international recognition for its myriad health benefits and its ability to enhance well-being. As a guide, the role involves far more than merely walking people through a forest. It’s about holding space, setting intentions, and most importantly, assisting participants in seamlessly transitioning the tranquility of the forest back into their bustling daily lives. Like any other skill, this too takes time to master.

As a Shinrin Yoku guide, assisting participants in seamlessly transitioning back to their daily lives while retaining the benefits of their forest experience is indeed a crucial aspect of the session. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Closing Ritual: Create a simple but meaningful ritual at the end of each session to signify its conclusion. This helps participants emotionally and mentally prepare to re-enter their daily lives.

  2. Reflection Time: Allocate a few minutes for group or individual reflection. Allow participants to share their experiences, which helps in internalizing the calm and focus they’ve achieved.

  3. Practical Tips: Provide participants with some actionable tips they can use to bring the tranquility of the forest into their daily lives. For example, simple breathing exercises or visualization techniques featuring natural elements can be helpful.

  4. Encouragement to Revisit: Encourage participants to continue the practice in their own time and even in smaller green spaces. This keeps them connected to the essence of Shinrin Yoku.

  5. Follow-Up Resources: Offering some follow-up reading material or digital resources on mindfulness and nature connection can be beneficial for those who want to dive deeper.

  6. Availability: Make yourself available for post-session queries. Sometimes participants have lingering questions or thoughts they want to process, and knowing they can reach out to you can extend the experience’s benefits.

By incorporating these elements into your sessions, you can help ensure that lasting impact, however….we must recognise  that everything is a process for both guides and participants

If a Shinrin Yoku guide is still working on mastering these transitional elements and does not execute them well (and that is ok too), several outcomes may occur:

  1. Reduced Effectiveness: Participants might find it challenging to carry the peace and mindfulness they gained during the session back into their daily lives, reducing the overall effectiveness of the experience.

  2. Missed Opportunities for Learning: If participants aren’t given proper tools to integrate the experience into their daily lives, they may see the session as a “one-off” rather than an introduction to a practice they can continue on their own.

  3. Disconnection: A sudden or abrupt end to the session without a proper closing ritual or follow-up could make participants feel disconnected or incomplete.

  4. Participant Confusion: Without a clear wrap-up and guidance for post-session, participants may leave with unanswered questions or a lack of clarity about how to apply what they’ve learned.

  5. Potential for Discomfort: If participants are not guided to process their experiences adequately, some could leave the session with emotional or mental discomfort, feeling they’ve opened a ‘Pandora’s Box’ they’re not sure how to deal with.

  6. Reputational Risk: Inconsistent or inadequate guidance can lead to mixed reviews or word-of-mouth, potentially affecting the guide’s credibility and future attendance…. and also the community of guides

  7. Personal Stress: The guide might also feel stress or inadequacy for not meeting their own standards or the expectations of participants, which could impact their own well-being and effectiveness in guiding future sessions. If this happens – believe in yourself! It’a ok – this is a normal feeling to have. 

The journey to becoming a Shinrin Yoku or Forest Bathing guide is exactly that—a journey. It’s a learning curve filled with both challenges and opportunities for growth. As guides, it’s crucial to embrace the time it takes to master being our authentic selves in this role. 


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Journey Through Life With the Wisdom of the Forest


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Journey Through Life With the Wisdom of the Forest

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