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Journey Through Life With the Wisdom of the Forest

Autumn Reflections: A Guided Meditation as a Tree in the Forest

How to prepare for this mediation. Here’s a guide to help you prepare:

1. Find a Quiet, Comfortable Space

  • Location: Choose a quiet, peaceful spot where you won’t be disturbed. This could be indoors or outdoors, as long as you feel relaxed and undistracted.

  • Comfort: Ensure your space is comfortable. You might want to use a cushion or yoga mat if sitting on the floor, or a comfortable chair or bed if you prefer sitting or lying down.

2. Minimize Distractions

  • Devices: Turn off or silence any potentially distracting devices, like phones, computers, or tablets.

  • Environment: If indoors, you might want to dim the lights or use soft lighting to create a calming atmosphere.

3. Set the Mood

  • Nature Sounds: Playing gentle nature sounds in the background, such as rustling leaves or a forest stream, can enhance the experience.

  • Aromatherapy: Consider using essential oils or scented candles with earthy or woody scents, like pine or cedarwood, to bring the essence of a forest into your space.

4. Dress Comfortably

  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing that doesn’t restrict your breathing or movement.

5. Prepare Your Mind

  • Intention: Set a clear intention for the session. Remind yourself of the purpose of this meditation – to relax and connect with nature.

  • Openness: Approach the meditation with an open mind and heart, ready to experience the journey as a tree.

6. Breathing Techniques

  • Before starting, practice some deep, calming breaths. This helps center your mind and body and prepares you for deeper relaxation.

7. Duration

  • Decide in advance how long you want the meditation to last. A typical session might be 20-30 minutes, but feel free to adjust according to your comfort level.

8. Post-Meditation Plan

  • Plan a few minutes post-meditation to slowly transition back to your normal state. It’s important not to rush back into your routine.

  • Keep a journal nearby to write down any thoughts, feelings, or insights that arose during the meditation.

9. Guided Meditation Aid

  • If following a guided meditation script or audio, have it ready to play. Ensure the volume is set to a comfortable level.

10. Hydration

  • Have a glass of water nearby to hydrate after the session, as meditation can sometimes leave you feeling thirsty.




Welcome to our forest meditation session. Today, we’re going to experience the forest in a unique way – by visualizing ourselves as a tree in the midst of autumn. This session will not only be a journey of relaxation but also of learning and connection with the natural world. Let’s begin by finding a comfortable position, sitting or lying down, and gently close your eyes.

Grounding and Relaxation 

Take a deep breath in, filling your lungs with air, and slowly exhale. Feel your body relaxing with each breath. Imagine your feet or back rooted to the ground, just like a tree firmly anchored in the earth. With each breath, feel more grounded and centered.

Becoming the Tree

Now, imagine yourself transforming into a majestic tree in a peaceful forest. Feel your feet extend deep into the earth as roots, drawing nutrients and stability from the soil. Your arms become branches, stretching out towards the sky. Notice the strength and stability in your trunk, your core, representing years of growth and resilience.

Experiencing Autumn 

As a tree, you are now experiencing the changes of autumn. Your leaves, once a vibrant green, are turning into brilliant shades of red, orange, and yellow. This transformation is a part of your natural cycle, preparing you for the coming winter. Trees, like you, store energy during this time, and the changing colors are a sign of this beautiful, vital process.

Understanding Tree Biology

In autumn, trees undergo a fascinating change. The shorter days and cooler temperatures signal you to start conserving energy. The chlorophyll in your leaves, which gives them their green color and helps convert sunlight into energy, breaks down. This reveals the stunning colors that were always there, hidden beneath the green.

Reflecting on the Tree’s Life 

As the autumn progresses, you, the tree, prepare to shed your leaves. This is not a loss, but a crucial adaptation for survival. The fallen leaves will decompose and enrich the soil, sustaining other life forms in the forest ecosystem. Your bare branches will endure winter, a testament to resilience and patience.

Before Transitioning Back

As you inhabit the essence of the tree, contemplate how it might feel during this time of transformation. What emotions might a tree experience as it prepares for the winter? Is there a sense of release, a quiet preparation, or perhaps a deep-rooted acceptance of the cycle of life? Reflect on these feelings as you gently prepare to transition back to your human form.

Reconnecting with Self

Now, as you gradually shift your awareness from the tree back to your own body, consider what messages the tree might be communicating to the human world through you. What lessons or insights can we, as humans, learn from the tree’s autumnal changes? How does this reflection alter or deepen your perception of nature and your place within it?

After Opening Your Eyes

With your eyes now open and your consciousness back in your human form, ponder on these reflections. What did you feel about the tree? What messages or feelings did you sense the tree was communicating? How can these insights from the tree’s perspective influence your interactions with the natural world and your daily life?


As you open your eyes, ask yourself how this mediation will be serving you in your everyday life. What do you want to thank the tree/forest and yourself for?

Thank you for joining this meditation and for taking this journey to understand and empathize with the natural world.


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The Mindful Tourist
Journey Through Life With the Wisdom of the Forest


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Journey Through Life With the Wisdom of the Forest

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