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How does it feel - immersion?

Spending long hours  in the forest can be a deeply enriching and transformative experience. Whether you’re practicing Shinrin Yoku or simply exploring the natural environment, being surrounded by trees may have a profound impact on your mind and spirit.

As you enter the forest, you may feel a flutter of unease,

Unfamiliar sounds and smells overwhelming your senses with ease.

But as you immerse yourself in the natural beauty all around,

You’ll find a sense of peace and calm that’s long been unfound.

As you wander deeper into the forest’s embrace,

You’ll feel a connection to all living things, an intimate space.

The majesty of a soaring eagle or the rustling of leaves,

A wonder and appreciation for nature that deeply heaves.

In the quiet of the forest, you may find your heart unguarded,

Feelings that once lay hidden, now open and uncharted.

With each step, you work through emotions that were once denied,

The forest acting as a guide for what you’ve tried to hide.

Time seems to stand still in the forest’s embrace,

A moment outside of time, a peaceful, liberating space.

As you sit and observe, the forest’s natural rhythms abound,

A deep sense of contentment and tranquility is found.

As you spend more time in the forest, your understanding will grow,

The intricacies of nature, its beauty and ebb and flow.

You’ll develop a sense of responsibility and care,

For the natural world that surrounds us, a gift that’s truly rare.

We invite you to our  Shinrin Yoku Guide Training to experience your unfolding.

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