"Shinrin Yoku is the New Yoga", mentioned The Mindful Tourist's founder, Pin Chinnapat
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Shinrin Yoku is the New Yoga

"Shinrin Yoku is the New Yoga," commented Pin Chinnapat, the founder of The Mindful Tourist. More and more medical researches and academic studies are highlighting the benefits of time spent in nature and the outdoors. As science continues to illustrate the many benefits of Shinrin Yoku, it wouldn’t be surprising if its popularity continues to rise in the coming years

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The Mindful Forest Bathing

Forest and Urban Shinrin Yoku’s positive effect?

Forest and Urban Shinrin Yoku’s positive effects? Milena A. Guziak digests the researchTakayama, N., Korpela, K., Lee, J., Morikawa, T., Tsunetsugu, Y., Park, B. J., Li, Q., Tyrväinen, L., Miyazaki, Y., & Kagawa, T. (2014). Emotional, restorative and vitalizing effects of forest and urban environments at four sites in Japan. International journal of environmental research… Continue reading Forest and Urban Shinrin Yoku’s positive effect?