Experience forest bathing benefits by sitting quietly under a large tree
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Forest Bathing Benefits to The Body And The Mind

We intuitively know that spending time in nature in good for us. When we slow down, stop the busywork, and take in beautiful natural surroundings, not only do we feel restored, but our mental performance improves too. Critics often scoff that research about the Shinrin Yoku practice is lacking. However, there is growing scientific evidence that getting outside in a natural setting strengthens mind-body connection and, therefore, is good for health.

Shinrin Yoku in Japan through mountain villages
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Shinrin Yoku in Japan: How It Is Really Done

In Japan, Shinrin Yoku is built into the daily habits without much friction for many people, Japanese and foreign residents alike. This is easily accessible thanks to the clever city planning that beautifully weaves nature and well-paved walkways into the urban landscape. As a result, going for a Shinrin Yoku walk requires little planning, hence incorporating it into the daily life is convenient.

"Shinrin Yoku is the New Yoga", mentioned The Mindful Tourist's founder, Pin Chinnapat
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Shinrin Yoku is the New Yoga

"Shinrin Yoku is the New Yoga," commented Pin Chinnapat, the founder of The Mindful Tourist. More and more medical researches and academic studies are highlighting the benefits of time spent in nature and the outdoors. As science continues to illustrate the many benefits of Shinrin Yoku, it wouldn’t be surprising if its popularity continues to rise in the coming years

Increase energy with TMT Breath in a virtual forest walk
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How to Increase Energy with 2-minute TMT Breath®

Here's how to increase energy with TMT Breath®. Only 2 minutes of this breathwork in a virtual forest walk, you'll instantly feel energized. Breathwork has a ton of benefits on its own, but practicing it in the forest environment brings it to another level. If you have the privilege of living near to the forest or parks, go breathe mindfully and intentionally outdoors. Sit or lie under trees and simply focus on your breathing with your eyes opened and take it all in.

Shinrin Yoku Certification Training in Japan with The Mindful Tourist
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Forest and Urban Shinrin Yoku’s positive effect?

Forest and Urban Shinrin Yoku’s positive effects? Milena A. Guziak digests the researchTakayama, N., Korpela, K., Lee, J., Morikawa, T., Tsunetsugu, Y., Park, B. J., Li, Q., Tyrväinen, L., Miyazaki, Y., & Kagawa, T. (2014). Emotional, restorative and vitalizing effects of forest and urban environments at four sites in Japan. International journal of environmental research… Continue reading Forest and Urban Shinrin Yoku’s positive effect?

Planning a Forest Bathing session, a male client walks slowly in the medieval forest in Nara, Japan
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Planning A Forest Bathing Trip – 6 Things to Consider

If you are a trained Forest Bathing or Shinrin Yoku guide, you probably have all the Forest Bathing basics covered. However, prior to the trip, there is the planning part and a well-planned itinerary ensures a safe and unforgettable experience for both you and your clients. In this blog, I am sharing the secrets, which I used when I planned our very first Forest Bathing trip in Kyoto, to a successful trip.

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Exploring the Stress-Disease Connection, The Wholistic Way

"I’m often asked how people should approach their physicians, who may be very adept at their craft but limited by the narrowness of the medical ideology. “It’s the same as going to a bakery,” I reply. “When you enter a bakery, don’t ask for salami, just as when you go to the butcher, it is no use to ask for cookies.” Receive, I suggest, what the physician can offer—and often that can be miraculous—but do not seek what the doctor cannot. Find alternative sources for what most physicians cannot provide: a holistic approach that considers not organs and systems but the entire human organism. Take responsibility for how you live, the food you ingest, your emotional balance, your spiritual development, the integrity of your relationships," mentioned Maté.